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Recent updates to the Fan Page:
Account of the memorial concert updated (pictures etc.) (17-Nov-21)
An account of the memorial concert (16-Nov-21)
A suggestion: Fans not being able to attend the memorial concert in Bratislava could burn a candle in Edita's memory when the concert takes place on 14-Nov at 16:00 CET. (6-Nov-21)
Memorial concert (5-Nov-21)
A message from the family about the burial (see below) (25-Oct-21)
See tributes and obituaries below (20/28-Oct-21)
Memorial page and a possibility to send your condolences to the family (20-Oct-21)
Very sad news (18-Oct-2021)
Slovak awards to E.G.: 1 2 (see below in more detail) (6-Sep-21)
Three well-known opera costumes of Ms. Gruberova were auctioned off on 29-Jun-2021, online: Elisabetta Lucia Gilda (27-Jun/6-Sep-21)
The master class in Bad Häring (Tyrol, Austria) has been cancelled (20-Apr-21)
Minor update to the list of stage roles (22-Mar-21)
ICMA Special Award for Lifetime Achievement (see also below) (1-Feb-2021)
Slovak interview with Roland Kern Tóth (Košice State Theater) about the Roberto Devereux production which was eventually cancelled (1-Feb-2021)
Czech radio interview (recorded in 2018 in Prague) (1-Feb-2021)
Reviews of the Decca CD reissue of the 1978 Barclay Zauberflöte: 1 2 (1-Feb-2021)
Posting by the Košice State Theater: a tribute (19-Nov-20)
Ms. Gruberova has cancelled the Košice performances and decided never to be on stage again. (You can check today's post about it on Facebook) (17-Nov-20)
Devereux performances in Košice postponed, rehearsals suspended (6-Nov-20)
The visit of the Slovak President to Switzerland (E.G. was to sing in her honor on October 22) has been postponed (20-Oct-20)
According to the homepage of the theatre rehearsals for the Roberto Devereux production are going on in Košice, with special Covid measures (17-Oct-20)
First time on CD: the 1978 Barclay recording of the Magic Flute will be reissued by Decca (14-Oct-20)
According to the homepage of the Slovak Philharmonic, the 10-Oct concert in Bratislava has been cancelled (1-Oct-20)
According to the radio station BR-Klassik which interviewed E.G's agent Dr. Hilbert, E.G. will sing for the Slovak President on 22-Oct in Bern, then perhaps Devereux in Košice and then she will close her career (14-Sep-20)
The concert in Firenze has been cancelled. More info (12-Sep-20)
According to a press conference announcement (see:
1, 2). E.G. will sing in a staged production of Roberto Devereux in Košice on 27-Nov and 1-Dec (4-Sep-20)
French review of the newly issuded 1977 "Don Pasquale" DVD (28-Aug-20)
The 1977 telecast of "Don Pasquale" now available on DVD (10-Aug-20)
The Klagenfurt concert has been cancelled (23-Jul-20)
The masterclass in Wörgl has been cancelled (9-Jun-20)
The masterclass in Lübeck has been cancelled (24-Apr-20)
The June 14 recital in Firenze has been postponed to October 3. (11/13-Apr-20)
50th anniversary of Vienna debut (10-Feb-20)
Looks like the Roberto Devereux production in Munich will be discontinued, as costumes from it were offered for sale (10-Feb-20)
Review of the 20-Dec recital in Gersthofen (23-Dec-19)
E.G. has been included in the "Best Of 2019: OperaWire's Top 11 Singers Of The Year" list (19-Dec-19)
Video report of the 2019 China tour (19-Dec-19)
Article on the occasion of the forthcoming recital in Gersthofen Related press release (12-Dec-19)
Glyndebourne data added to the Roles list and the Links (12-Dec-19)
Peter Valentovič dismissed as music director of the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, E.G. calls this "a shame and a disgrace" (see more below) (3-Nov-19)
Chinese review of the 9-Oct concert in Beijing (29-Oct-19)
Report of the China tour with rehearsal photo (29-Oct-19)
Applause & autograph session photos from Xiamen, 1-Oct (2-Oct-19)
Review & photos of the concert in Xiamen, China, 1-Oct (2-Oct-19)
Article & photos of press conference in China (2-Oct-19)
"Oper! Award" for E.G. (see details below) (23-Sep-19)
The 2019 yearbook of the German magazine Opernwelt contains an E.G. interview Read the beginning (23-Sep-19)
E.G.'s 1974 recording of Emil Berlanda's Cantata is freely available online (CD1, tracks 4-7) (13-Sep-19)
Russian interview (27-Aug-19)
Benefit concert planned for 25-Aug in Kežmarok, Slovakia, under the artistic patronage of E.G. More info: 1 2 (in Slovak) 3 (in German) (14-Aug-19)
Kufstein Fledermaus review with photos: 1 2 3 4 (7-Aug-19)
E.G. was surprise guest at the premiere of Fledermaus in Kufstein (see additional info below) (5-Aug-19)
Short Slovak report of the recent masterclass, with photo (1-Aug-19)
Another review of the Kiel recital (26-Jul-19)
Review of the 23-Jul recital in Kiel (25-Jul-19)
Report and photo gallery of the closing concert of the masterclass (19-Jul-19)
Dutch review of a concert in Amsterdam in 1992 (19-Jul-19)
Interview made at the masterclass (18-Jul-19)
TV report of the masterclass in Bad Häring (17-Jul-19)
The July-August 2019 issue of Opernglas has an interview with E.G. (4-Jul-19)
Photo of E.G. at the Tchaikovsky Competition in St. Petersburg (24-Jun-19)
E.G. is a member of the jury in the 16th International Tchaikovsky Competition in St. Petersburg Related article (5-Jun-19)
Article about the master class planned for July (22-May-19)
Another Regensburg review (20-May-19)
Reviews of the Regensburg recital: 1 2 (15-May-19)
The BSO's video post about the stage farewell performance One more Frankfurt review (29-Apr-19)
Reviews of the 23-Apr-19 recital in Frankfurt: Article Audio review (25-Apr-19)
Interview on Czech Radio Vltava (16-Apr-19)
Another review of the 7-Apr recital (10-Apr-19)
Review of the 7-Apr recital in Munich (9-Apr-19)
Slovak article about the stage farewell (with great photos) (9-Apr-19)
Hungarian interview (from Feb-2019) (also here) (1-Apr-19)
Further reviews, curtain calls of the last Devereux (see below) (1/4-Apr-19)
The last stage performance was on March 27, 2019 in Munich in Roberto Devereux, see related material below (29-Mar-19)
Devereux curtain call videos: 1 2 3 (25-Mar-19)
More Devereux reviews: 1 2 3 (25-Mar-19)
Munich Devereux reviews: 1 2 3 (19-Mar-19)
Munich Devereux applause photos & videos are available on the Facebook page (19-Mar-19)
Interested listeners may also attend the master class in July, see the schedule page for details (7-Mar-19)
New book "Bel Canto", dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Wiener Staatsoper, includes a photo of E.G. (7-Mar-19)
Short video documentary about the 9-Feb-2019 Lucia in Budapest: E.G. in the Erkel Theatre (4-Mar-19)
TV report/interview about the recent Lucias in Budapest (19-Feb-19)
Review: the Lucias in Budapest (18-Feb-19)
Review of the 13-Feb Lucia in Budapest (15-Feb-19)
A comment on the Lucias in Vienna (w/ Peretyatko) and Budapest (w/ E.G.) (15-Feb-19)
Post of the Budapest intendant about divas, the Lucia and a possible 2020 concert date (12-Feb-19)
Review of the 9-Feb Lucia in Budapest (12-Feb-19)
Photo gallery of the Budapest Lucia (12-Feb-19)
Vesselina Kasarova about E.G. in interview (12-Feb-19)
Italian review of the 10-Dec-2018 concert in Berlin (12-Feb-19)
Post and photos made after the 23-Jun-2018 concert in the Vienna State Opera (12-Feb-19)
Master class to be held in Austria in July 2019 (10-Feb-19)
Budapest Lucia applause photos & videos can be seen on the Facebook page (10-Feb-19)
Article on the occasion of the forthcoming Lucia in Budapest (5-Feb-19)
Opera magazine, including photos of the V4 opera galas in 2018 (see page 64) (5-Feb-19)
Zoran Todorovich interview, with a mention of E.G. (5-Feb-19)
Recent Slovak TV documentary now available online (30-Jan-2019)
The concert planned for Kassel has been cancelled (23-Jan-2019)
Bulgarian review of the 10-Dec concert in Deutsche Oper Berlin (11-Jan-19)
Postings on the occasion of E.G.'s 72nd birthday: 1 2 (24-Dec-18)
Available online: The TA3 TV telecast ("Bravo") of 21-Dec, documentary about the 16-Dec-2018 Christmas concert in Bratislava (24-Dec-18)
Slovak review of the 16-Dec Christmas concert (20-Dec-18)
The recorded Christmas concert of 16-Dec (20-Dec-18)
E.G. gets award from her native city Bratislava: 1 2 (13-Dec-18)
Reviews, reports of the 10-Dec farewell concert in Deutsche Oper Berlin: 1 2 3 4 5 (12-Dec-18)
Article on the occasion of the farewell concert in Deutsche Oper Berlin (12-Dec-18)
The complete text of this Slovak interview from 2016 has become available (12-Dec-18)
The Slovak edition of the biography by Markus Thiel has been published (21-Nov-18)
Hungarian review of the farewell concert of 28-Oct in Tokyo (12-Nov-18)
Audience members' postings about the current tour in Japan: 1 2 (24-Oct-2018)
In her recital in Osaka and her orchestral concert in Omiya, Ms. Gruberova sang Cio-Cio-san's entrance aria (new in her repertoire) (24-Oct-2018)
Melanka Kušnírová (1930-2018) (19-Oct-2018)
Tribute to Mr. Zoltán Sánta (1957-2018) (20-Sep-18)
Review of the Mozart Concert Arias CD of 1991 (20-Sep-18)
Reviews of the 1978 Lucia recording, issued for the 50th anniversary: 1 2 (14-Aug-18)
Post of the Münchner Rundfunkorchester on the occasion of the anniversary (19-Jul-18)
Review of the new CD on BR-Klassik (10-Jul-18)
Reviews of the anniversary gala in Munich: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (5/10-Jul-18)
Photo gallery of the exhibition in Vienna (28-Jun-18)
The fliers thrown on 23-Jun (27-Jun-18)
New 2019 recital dates added to the schedule (26-Jun-18)
More Vienna photos, reviews linked to the 50th anniversary section below (26-Jun-18)
See reviews, photos, videos, TV report of the anniversary gala in Vienna below (25-Jun-18)
Article in Online Merker (21-Jun-17)
Article in Die Presse (21-Jun-17)
Logo for the 50th anniversary (18-Jun-18)
Review of the anniversary CD on BR-Klassik (18-Jun-18)
Prague Norma review (18-Jun-18)
There is a Gruberova exhibition in the Mahler-Saal of the Wiener Staatsoper (source: Prolog magazine) (14-Jun-18)
New CDs for the 50th stage anniversary: The 1978 Lucia (Vienna) on Orfeo Aria CD on BR-Klassik (11-Jun-18)
Norma curtain call video (Prague, probably June 2) (11-Jun-18)
Prague Norma review (11-Jun-18)
Norma in Prague: Photo gallery Photo gallery of the afterparty on June 2 Instagram post (6-Jun-18)
Norma in Prague: Spontaneous autograph session at the artists' entrance; Fans' photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (1-Jun-18)
Photo galleries, Norma, May 18: 1 2 (25-May-18)
Review of the Norma of May 18 (22-May-18)
Czech TV report on E.G. and Norma (22-May-18)
Photos from the general rehearsal of Norma (22-May-18)
Norma rehearsal photos (17-May-18)
Czech article about the forthcoming Normas in Prague (17-May-18)
Further Lucrezia reviews: 1 2 (17-May-18)
27-Apr Lucrezia curtain call video (1-May-18)
Lucrezia photo gallery stage photo (EG and JDF) (1-May-18)
27-Apr Lucrezia reviews: 1 2 3 (1-May-18)
E.G. attended a performance of "Maria Stuarda" in Zurich (20-Apr-18)
Parts 1 and 2 of Niel Rishoi's concluding series of tributes (12-Apr-18)
Niel Rishoi's 6th post for the anniversary (9-Apr-18)
Niel Rishoi's 5th post for the anniversary (5-Apr-18)
V4 Opera Gala in Bratislava (8-Apr), Warsaw (11-Apr) and Prague (13-Apr) (see the
schedule for details) (25-Mar-18)
Niel Rishoi's 4th post for the anniversary (22-Mar-18)
Niel Rishoi's 3rd post for the anniversary (13-Mar-18)
Niel Rishoi's 2nd post for the anniversary The 1st post (6/8-Mar-18)
Archive photo: At Anna Bolena in Munich, with Prince Charles (6-Mar-18)
Review of the anniversary concerts in Berlin (6-Mar-18)
Photo gallery from E.G.'s roles in Zurich (6-Mar-18)
Another photo gallery of the anniversary concert (22-Feb-18)
Another review of the anniversary concert (22-Feb-18)
The 50th stage anniversary was celebrated on February 18 (see below) (21/22-Feb-18)
Anagram for E.G.'s name (16-Feb-18)
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  • A message from the family:
    "Am Montag den 18.10.21 haben wir unsere geliebte Mutter und Grossmutter auf tragische Weise durch einen Unfall verloren. Wir sind schockiert und unendlich traurig.
    Wir wissen, dass die Welt um eine einzigartige Künstlerin trauert, und viele Menschen sich von ihr gerne verabschieden würden. Aber es ist nicht die Künstlerin, deren letzten Weg wir begleiten, sondern unsere Mutter und Grossmutter. Das tun wir in zurückgezogener Stille, und ohne Zeremonie. Dies ist auch ihr letzter Wunsch gewesen.
    Klaudia Huber und Barbara Klimo"


  • A Tribute page has been created. Your contributions are welcome.
    Colleagues' tributes
    More colleagues' tributes

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    16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47

  • E.G. has received two Slovak awards in 2021:
    Award of the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic
    Ambassador of Good Will, award of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic

  • Edita Gruberova has been awarded the 2021 ICMA Special Award for Lifetime Achievement.
    They wrote:"One of the last true great opera divas, Edita Gruberova has triumphed on stages all over the world for over fifty years, showing the absolute perfection of her singing, the purity of her pitch and total adherence to the dramatic reasons of the characters in the Italian bel canto repertoire, in which she is undisputed queen - but we shouldn't forget the wit and the irony she has always displayed in German and Viennese operetta. A model of long-lasting career and dedication, Edita Gruberova is a model for any young singer wishing to follow her example."
    The prestigious International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) are the successors of the former Cannes Classical Awards and MIDEM Classical Awards. The jury consists of music critics of European classical music magazines.
    Ms. Gruberova planned to attend the ceremony in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) on June 27, 2021, but she had to cancel, due to medical reasons.

  • Edita Gruberova has closed her performing career.
    She would have had a few concerts. two master classes and even a new semi-staged opera production in 2020, but these have all been cancelled because of the pandemic. So her last performance has turned out to be the recital in Gersthofen (Germany) on 20-Dec-2019, 3 days before her 73rd birthday.
    Related articles:
    Article on BR Klassik
    Postings by the Košice State Theater: English Slovak
    Article on Opera Slovakia
    Slovak interview with Roland Kern Tóth (Košice State Theater) about the Roberto Devereux production which was eventually cancelled

  • First time on CD: the 1978 Barclay recording of the Magic Flute has been reissued on CD by Decca.

  • 50th anniversary of Vienna debut: Ms. Gruberova debuted in the Vienna State Opera on 7-Feb-1970, in the role of the Queen of the Night. Slovak article about the anniversary

  • Looks like the Roberto Devereux production in Munich will be discontinued, as costumes from it were offered for sale. (see also here)
    Ms. Gruberova sang the role of Elisabetta in all 53 performances of this production (including three guest performances in Japan), between 2004 and 2019. (And all performances were conducted by Friedrich Haider.)
    Performance archive

  • E.G. has been included in the "Best Of 2019: OperaWire's Top 11 Singers Of The Year" list

  • Peter Valentovič, a frequent (nowadays exclusive) conductor and pianist of Ms. Gruberova's concerts, has been dismissed from the post of music director of the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Gruberova has called this "a shame and a disgrace". Related articles:
    Norman Lebrecht's article (in English)
    The Slovak Spectator (in English, looks machine-translated, only the beginning of the article is available to non-subscribers)
    Denník (in Slovak, only the beginning of the article is available to non-subscribers)
    Sme (in Slovak, only the beginning of the article is available to non-subscribers)
    From the above articles you can also learn that the current season is the 90th anniversary season of the renowned orchestra, and, among other concerts, Mr. Valentovič has planned a concert with Ms. Gruberova as well. Ms. Gruberova has stated that she would not perform without Mr. Valentovič.
    Update, Sep-2020: A Gruberova-Valentovič gala concert is scheduled (with The Slovak Philharomic Orchestra) for 10-Oct-2020 in Bratislava

  • "Oper! Award":
    For her lifetime achievement, Edita Gruberova has received the newly established "Oper! Award". The award was handed over to her in Berlin, on 21-Sep-2019.
    More info about the award: Website Brochure
    Related articles:
      Articles based on the dpa report: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
      Other German articles and postings: 1 2 3 4 5
      1 2 3 (with video from earlier concerts & reports)
      1 2
      With photo
      1 2
    Photos: Official photo gallery Photo gallery by Alexander Hildebrand

  • The 2019 yearbook of the German magazine Opernwelt contains an E.G. interview Read the beginning of the interview

  • Special guest in "Fledermaus" in Kufstein:
    At the 2-Aug-2019 premiere of "Die Fledermaus" in Kufstein, E.G. was surprise guest, sang "Ach, wir Armen Primadonnen" and received a standing ovation.
    TV report & interview (available for a few days)
    Other review with the following photos: 1 2 3 4
    Photos with members of the cast: 1 2
    Official photo: Weltstar Ks Edita Gruberova zu Gast beim OperettenSommer Kufstein: (Photo credits: OperettenSommer/Erwin Schmid, used by permission. source)
    Weltstar Ks Edita Gruberova zu Gast beim OperettenSommer Kufstein

  • Farewell to the stage
    Edita Gruberova's final stage performance was on March 27, 2019, in the Nationaltheater in Munich, in her iconic role of Queen Elisabeth I in Donizetti's "Roberto Devereux".
    Related articles, reviews: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10a 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
    Video reports and photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12; see more on the Facebook page Video by the Bayerische Staatsoper
    The July-August 2019 issue of Opernglas has an interview with E.G. on the occasion of the stage farewell.
    In Sep-2020 she has undertook 2 more semi-staged Devereux performances, in Košice (for 27-Nov & 1-Dec, 2020), but these were cancelled because of the pandemic.

  • The book titled "Bel Canto", issued in February 2019, is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Wiener Staatsoper. It includes photos of 150 prominent singers, E.G. among them. Info Review

  • Melanka Kušnírová (1930-2018)
    She worked for the Slovak Philharmonic for 45 years. She was one of the persons instrumental in starting Ms. Gruberova's career. She organised an audition for her in the Vienna State Opera.
    She was a friend of Ms. Gruberova and took part in organising her performances in Slovakia up to recent times.
    With E.G. on this photo

  • Mr. Zoltán Sánta (1957-2018) was a Hungarian music manager, music lover and wine expert, a friend of Ms. Gruberova. He died on September 16, 2018, unexpectedly, causing much sadness in the hearts of the numerous people who knew and loved him.
    Ms. Gruberova's words of farewell were read at the burial ceremony.
    A tribute Another tribute
    Photos: 1 2 3 4 5

  • There was a benefit concert in Kežmarok, Slovakia, on 19-Aug-2018, under the artistic patronage of Ms. Gruberova. More info: English German

  • The 50th stage anniversary was celebrated on February 18, 2018 in Zurich with a gala concert where Ms. Gruberova sang the finales of Donizetti's all 3 "Tudor Queen" operas, plus two encores (Dich, teure Halle and Mein Herr Marquis).
    The second celebratory gala took place in the Vienna State Opera on June 23, 2018. The third gala was in the Bavarian State Opera on July 3, 2018.
    Logo for the anniversary
    The fliers thrown on 23-Jun
    One of the banners (by Chris Schneider) on 23-Jun
    Articles on the occasion of the anniversary:
    Neue Zürcher Zeitung
    Article by Bruno Rauch in the magazine of the Zurich Opera (see page 38) (the text is also available here)
    Opera Slovakia (the article states that the debut was on February 19 - not 18 -, 1968)
    Luzerner Zeitung
    Article by Gruberova's biographer Niel Rishoi Second article Third article Fourth aticle Fifth article Sixth article Parts 1 and 2 of his concluding series of tributes
    Instagram post by the Zurich Opera
    Photo gallery from E.G.'s roles in Zurich
    Online Merker
    Die Presse
    Post of the Münchner Rundfunkorchester on the occasion of the anniversary (with photos from decades of their cooperation)
    The Austrian TV channel ORF III dedicated a broadcast to the occasion on the day of the anniversary.
    The Classica channel broadcast Roberto Devereux.
    Radio program on BR-Klassik, scheduled for 24-Sep-2018
    Photos & videos of the anniversary gala in Zurich:
    Photo gallery
    Another photo gallery
    Another photo gallery
    Laudation by Andreas Homoki
    E.G.'s speech
    Applause video
    Applause video with fans' banners
    Applause video
    Reviews of the anniversary gala in Zurich:
    Basler Zeitung (the same article in Tages Anzeiger)
    A blog post
    Photos & videos of the anniversary gala in Vienna:
    The poster of the gala
    Photo gallery on Online Merker
    Photos on
    Video: applause and the the throwing of 20,000(!) fliers
    Video: applause; laudation from the intendant
    E.G.'s speech
    Video: the throwing of the fliers
    Video: the throwing of the fliers
    Video: the throwing of the fliers
    Video: the throwing of the fliers
    Video: the throwing of the fliers
    Video gallery: applause, bows, fliers
    Video and photo gallery
    Photo gallery
    Photo and video gallery
    Photo gallery
    Photo gallery
    Photo gallery
    TV report and interview (also here)
    Reviews of the anniversary gala in Vienna:
    Online Merker
    Klassik begeistert
    Opera Slovakia
    Forum Opera
    Photos & videos of the anniversary gala in Munich:
    Facebook post of the Bavarian State Opera
    An Instagram post
    Applause video
    Photo, with tribute
    Reviews of the anniversary gala in Munich:
    Joseph So
    Klassik begeistert
    Abendzeitung München
    Süddeutsche Zeitung
    Kultur in München
    Deutsche Oper Berlin pre-celebrated the anniversary at the end of 2017 with two gala concerts.
    New CDs issued for the anniversary:
    The 1978 Lucia (Vienna) on Orfeo Reviews: 1 2
    Aria CD on BR-Klassik  Reviews: 1 2
    There was a Gruberova exhibition in the Mahler-Saal of the Wiener Staatsoper (source: Prolog magazine, page 4) and it has a catalog (more info) which can be ordered in the Staatsoper's online shop. The exhibition could be attended before (and in the intermissions of) performances, and during opera visits, until the end of August 2018. Photo gallery of the exhibition


  • The bust of renowned Slovak soprano Lucia Popp (1939-1993) was unveiled in the Vienna State Opera on 12-Jun-2017. Edita Gruberova attended the ceremony. Related articles: Report of the event, with a photo of E.G. (in Slovak) Article in English E.G. and other former colleagues of Popp in interview, with a photo of E.G. (in Slovak) Photo gallery


  • On the occasion of E.G.'s 70th birthday:

    (Photo by Ramon Leŝko, source:
    E.G. has been awarded the Golden Plaque of the Slovak Republic. It was handed over to her on 17-Dec-2016 (after E.G.'s concert in the Stephansdom) in Vienna by the Slovak Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajĉák (source: Twitter)
    Picture gallery of the concert & the reception
    Short musical excerpts from the concert, interview, photos (also here - video available in the archives of ORF2 for a few days) Slovak video interview & excerpts from the concert
    Another picture gallery
    The Bavarian State Opera's congratulations on Facebook
    Fono Forum
    Tribute from her birthplace Raĉa
    Münchner Merkur
    Süddeutsche Zeitung
    Neue Zürcher Zeitung
    Swiss article (available in several Swiss magazines)
    Europe Online Magazine
    BR (w/ picture gallery & list of planned broadcasts)
    Article on 5 of her iconic roles
    Opernwelt (excerpt)
    The birthday is also mentioned in the December 2016 issue of Prolog
    There is also an article in the December 2016 issue of the Austrian magazine "Bühne"
    Interviews and other radio/TV broadcasts:
    Slovak Radio
    Czech Radio
    TV interview (available on YouTube)
    Ö1 (ORF) on 22-Dec at 19:30
    NDR on 22-Dec at 20:00, with exclusive interview (replayable)
    Audio program/interview, Bavarian Radio
    Other audio program/interview, Bavarian Radio direct link to audio file
    ARD-alpha (interview from 2015, replayable)
    E.G. recites Xmas poem

  • E.G. has won the cultural prize of Tatra banka (November 2016)

  • Ms. Gruberova received the Ehrenplakette Richard Strauss on 11-Jun-2016 at the opening ceremony of the Richard Strauss Festival in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. (The awardee in 2015 was Christa Ludwig.)
    Report & photos
    Other reports from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, with photos: Opening Masterclass Masterclass
    Related interview
    Article & audio report on the masterclass
    Brigitte Fassbaender in interview, about the R. Strauss Festival (mentions E.G.) (10-Jun-2016)
    Fassbaender's closing words for the festival

  • Ms. Gruberova is the first soprano who has sung all 3 Donizetti "Tudor Queens" at the Vienna State Opera. Related article (in Slovak)

  • Ms. Gruberova sang at a benefit evening for refugees on 1-Oct-2015 in the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna. The evening was organised by Maresa Hörbiger and featured several famous artists. Ms. Gruberova sang "Villanelle","Ah! tardai troppo" from "Linda di Chamounix" and as encore "Ach, wir armen Primadonnen".
    Photos: 1 2 3 4

  • The 2016 calendar of the Vienna State Opera contains a photo of E.G. (as Elisabetta in Roberto Devereux), on the October page. The photo (on the Facebook page of Arcadia Opera Shop)

  • The "Verdi, Bellini Donizetti: Opera arias" CD (recorded in 1988) has been reissued by Sony in May 2015. Catalogue number: 88875086692.

  • 45th Vienna State Opera anniversary (click on link to see the subpage dedicated to the anniversary)

  • The 40th anniversary of Ms. Gruberova's debut in the Bavarian State Opera was celebrated on 27-Jul-2014, with (and after) the performance of "Lucrezia Borgia".
    Photo gallery of the celebration other photo gallery
    Performance review and report on the celebration
    The anniversary performance: stage & curtain call photos
    Reminiscences by Sir Peter Jonas, former intendant of the Bavarian State Opera

  • For her lifetime achievement, E.G. has been awarded with the Austrian music theater prize "Goldener Schikaneder". More info.
    Related articles: 1 2
    The prize was handed over at a gala in the Theater an der Wien, on June 17, 2014. At the gala, Ms. Gruberova was honored with a standing ovation.
    TV report another TV report Video interview; Written reports: 1 2 3

  • E. G. has received the "Preis der Kulturstiftung Dortmund" for her lifetime achievement. The prize was handed over to her after a gala in the Konzerthaus Dortmund, on 5-Dec-2014.
    Related articles: 1 2 3 4
    Reviews of the gala: 1 2 3

  • In Hamburg, E.G. performed at a festive dinner where prizes were handed over to young artists (April 2014)

  • E. G. has received the "Stern der Woche", for her Mozart concert of 2-Feb-2014 in Munich, from the daily newspaper Abendzeitung

  • E.G. has been awarded with the Herbert von Karajan Music Prize. It was handed over to her in the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden on 29-Nov-2013, at a gala concert.
    Press article of 7-Mar-2013 Other article
    Article about the prize and how the money will be spent
    Laudation by Markus Thiel
    Online articles: 1 2 3 4 5 6 (with nice photo) 7
    Photos of the large Gruberova-Karajan poster on the facade of the Festspielhaus: 1 2
    TV & radio reports: 1 2 3 (from 0:24:30, with archive footage) 4 (from 6:40) 5 (from 10:23, also here)
    Rehearsal photo, 28-Nov
    The money from the prize will be used to support two talented young Slovak artists: baritone Richard Šveda and conductor-pianist Peter Valentovič. Related interview
    Nightingale Classics has brought out a newly recorded Mozart aria CD (NC 0715602) for the occasion.
    More about the prize: German English

  • There were 45 minutes of encores at the 17-Nov-2013 recital in the Liceu (Barcelona).
    Related articles: Catalan Spanish
    Flyers made for the occasion by the fans (courtesy of Jordi Pujal)
    Video of the encore "Villanella"
    Applause videos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (last 3 videos courtesy of Jordi Pujal/Núria Alavedra)
    Blog entries with photos: 1 2 3
    Reviews: 1 2 3 4 5a 5b Even more reviews
    Photos: 1 2 Even more photos

  • World star Edita Gruberova criticises frustrating rehearsals in international opera business The original, full German version of E.G.'s statement (July 2013)

  • E.G.'s portrait, by Matthias Bitzer, is among the first portraits on display in the new portrait gallery of the Bavarian State Opera. 1 2 3 4
    Press info, in German Article, in English

  • Ferdinando Paër's "Leonora" has been reissued on CD, on the Decca Eloquence label (#4804859). Recorded in 1979, it was available only on LP so far. E.G. sings the role of Marcellina.

  • E.G. received the Meistersinger-Medaille in Munich on 20-Jan-2013. The medal was handed over to her after the performance of "Lucrezia Borgia" in the Bavarian State Opera. The laudation was held by the Bavarian State Minister of Sciences, Research and the Arts, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch. E.G. is the first active singer to get the prize.
    Related articles: 1 2 3 4

  • 45th stage anniversary:
    The anniversary was on 18-Feb-2013. Celebrations began with Anna Bolena at the Musikverein (3-Jan-2013) and a meeting with the press (4-Jan), then continued with concerts of La Straniera on 8 & 18-Feb-2013.
    Austrian Times   Die Presse   Der Neue Merker: 1 2   Wiener Zeitung   Kurier   Kultur und Wein (blog)   Neues Volksblatt   Kleine Zeitung   Blog of journalist Barbara Rett    More details about the 4-Jan talk with the press (in Der Neue Merker)
    Anna Bolena applause videos: 1 2
    La Straniera applause video (8-Feb-2013)
    Short audio interview
    Photo of (most of) the cast of the Bolena concert
    Photo taken after the anniversary Straniera performance on 18-Feb
    Reviews of the 8-Feb performance: 1 2 3
    Review of the 18-Feb performance
    On the occasion of the anniversary, La Straniera of 18-Feb was videostreamed live on the Net by This has been the first ever live online videostream to feature E.G.
    For other related broadcasts, telecasts, see the Broadcasts page.
    Anniversary interview
    Slovak article on the occasion of the anniversary

  • E.G. in Japan in 2012:
    Ms. Gruberova has sung the title role of Donizetti's Anna Bolena 3 times in Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, in guest performances of the Wiener Staatsoper. She said in interviews earlier that these would be her final performances in Japan. (Update: further performances are scheduled for 2016 (2017?)!)
    While in Tokyo, she was invited for tea by the imperial family (related articles: Japanese German German).
    Documents of her performances and stay in Japan: For Bolena reviews, see the Performance reviews page.

  • Debut in new role: La Straniera
    It took place on 5-Jul-2012 in Munich, in concert form. See the schedule for forthcoming dates.
    Radio interview
    Article (in French) on the occasion of the debut
    Applause videos of the premiere: 1 2 3
    Reviews: 1 2 3

  • New biography: "Edita Gruberova - Der Gesang ist mein Geschenk"
    Author: Markus Thiel
    Publisher: Bärenreiter Henschel
    Publishing date: May 2012
    ISBN 3761822626, 9783761822623
    256 pages, with color & black-and-white photos
    Language: German
    Info on the website of the publisher
    A sampler of the book (chapter titles & intro).
    Review Another review
    Article / book review
    Audio interview with the author Download the interview (Jun-2012)

  • Reconciliation with the Zurich Opera: After a voluntary absence for 10 years (due to her daughter's accident in the house) Ms. Gruberova sang a gala recital to great acclaim in the Zurich Opera (replacing at short notice the tenor Jonas Kaufmann) on 11-May-2012. Further performances will follow in the next season.

  • E.G. announced end of collaboration with the Bayerische Staatsoper in Feb-2012:
    (Press statement:)
    �Hiermit gebe ich bekannt, dass ich zum 27. Juli 2014 meinen Abschied von der Bayerischen Staatsoper schweren Herzens nehmen werde. Der Grund ist, dass ich seit Jahren keine neuen Rollenangebote mehr bekommen habe und die Anzahl meiner Auftritte beständig reduziert wird. Dadurch habe ich den Eindruck, dass die Bayerische Staatsoper kein Interesse an einer weiteren Zusammenarbeit hat. Mein geliebtes Münchner Publikum, welches mir 38 Jahre lang die Treue hielt, kann mich dennoch nach wie vor in der Münchner Philharmonie in konzertanten Opernaufführungen bis 2015 sehen und hören.

              Edita Gruberova
    München, am 06.02.2012"

    Related articles: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Update (May-2013): E.G. has been offered further performances in the BSO, see the schedule.

  • Kammersängerin Ruthilde Boesch, E.G.'s singing teacher for decades, died in Vienna on 20-Jan-2012, at age 94.
    Obituary by the Vienna State Opera Obituary in English
    A tribute, by three pupils

  • Proceeds from E.G.'s Wiener Staatsoper Live CD are going to charity:
    At the request of Kammersängerin Edita Gruberova the Wiener Staatsoper and all the singers and conductors involved in the present release are donating its proceeds to the Soma City Earthquake Disaster Orphan Scholarship Fund, which was set up to support the education and training of children orphaned by the earthquake that struck Japan in March 2011 and that particularly affected the city of Soma. (Info taken from the CD's booklet.)

  • In honor of Ms. Gruberova's 65th birthday, the Wiener Staatsoper had an exhibition. (More info in the December 2011 issue of the Prolog magazine.)
    Several TV and radio stations celebrated her birthday with various programmes, some are still available online, see the list in the broadcasts section.
    Austrian president Dr. Heinz Fischer has sent a letter of congratulation on the occasion of the 65th birthday.
    Birthday greeting from a native of Rača

  • Charity activity: Although it is not much publicized, Ms. Gruberova is a supporter of several charity organisations helping children in need. She has supported SOS Kinderdorf, made the CD "From Heart to Heart" for Cleft-Children International, and she has recently sung the role of Norma in three benefit concerts for ColineOpéra in France. During her Japan tour she donated 10,000 euros to the Ashinaga fund for the children who became orphans because of the March 11 tsunamis.

  • The Schubert Project: A new Schubert Lieder CD has been issued (in April 2012) by Nightingale Classics, with accompanist Alexander Schmalcz. A Lieder tour has followed / will follow in 2012 as well as in 2013. More info & interview with the accompanist. (July 2011/ April 2012) Short review

  • There was a small, private exhibition dedicated to E.G., in Budapest (on the occasion of the "Lucrezia Borgia" concert).
    Ms. Gruberova attended the exhibition on November 12, 2011.
    Many fans have contributed pictures and other objects to the exhibition. It will be documented online.

  • The Lucrezia Borgia CD (Nightingale Classics NC 000100) has won "Révérence Op�ra", in No. 262 (May-June 2011) of Avant-Scène Op�ra. (Source: Nightingale Classics)

  • 40th Hamburg stage anniversary: Ms. Gruberova's Hamburg debut was on 12-Nov-1970, she sang Olympia in "Les Contes d'Hoffmann". Exactly 40 years later she sang the title role of "La Traviata" there, to great acclaim, and after the performance she was lauded onstage by Simone Young (general manager & artistic director of the house, who had also conducted the Traviata performance).
    Article in "Opernglas"
    See reviews in the Performance reviews section.

  • "Lucrezia Borgia" has been issued on CD by Nightingale Classics.
    Principal singers: Edita Gruberova (Lucrezia Borgia), José Bros (Gennaro), Franco Vassallo (Don Alfonso), Silvia Tro Santafé (Maffio Orsini).
    Chor der Oper Köln, WDR Rundfunkorchester Köln, conducted by Andriy Yurkevych.
    Recorded in 2010. More info

  • Ms. Gruberova has won the "Greatest opera diva of our generation" poll of the American online opera magazine "Parterre Box", in the Contemporary category.
    Results  Criteria for the voting  Results per criteria (part 1)  Results per criteria (part 2)

  • Salzburg "comeback": Ms. Gruberova sang again in the Salzburg Festival, after almost 2 decades of absence, on 9-Aug-2010. (The performance - Norma - was repeated on 14-Aug.)
    Photos of the 9-Aug performance
    Pictures of the 13-Aug-10 autograph session
    Rehearsal & interview on TV
    There is a related portrait/interview in the 14-Aug-10 issue of the Freizeit magazine of the Austrian paper "Kurier" (available online for subscribers only)
    Photos of the 14-Aug performance
    Photos & review excerpts of the 9-Aug performance in the magazine of the Salzburg Festival

  • There was a Gruberova exhibition in the Österreichisches Theatermuseum in Vienna from 13-Oct-2010 till 9-Jan-2011, on the account of her 40th Vienna stage anniversary. More info More info Video & pictures Article Article Article, with pictures Picture of the Palais Lobkowitz, with poster of the exhibition

  • 40th Vienna stage anniversary: Ms. Gruberova's Vienna State Opera debut was with the Queen of the Night, on 7-Feb-1970.
    The 40th anniversary was featured in the news on the ZDF channel on 2-Feb-10. You can watch/download the program from the archives (the news item includes interview and excerpts from I Puritani of 30-Jan-10). (The archives are available for a limited time only, so please hurry with the download.)
    a slightly different version can be seen here (starts at about 6:50)

  • Ms. Gruberova sang her 100th Zerbinetta in Vienna on 6-Dec-09. (She has sung this role more than 200 times all over the world.) 5 of the 100 performances in Vienna were in the "old" staging which last played in 1974, the rest of the performances were in the current staging which premiered in 1976 and that was when she became a star.
    During the curtain call of the 6-Dec-09 performance she announced to the audience that it had been her last Zerbinetta.

  • Ms. Gruberova has been awarded the Golden Medal of the Liceu (Barcelona), on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the reopening of the theatre. Related articles (in Catalan & Spanish):: 1 2 3

  • Ms. Gruberova was given the "Goldenes Ehrenzeichen f�r Verdienste um das Land Wien" (Golden Order of Merit for Services to the Federal Province of Vienna) on 27-May-2009. Article with picture Other article

  • Ms. Gruberova has been awarded honorary membership by the IBS society of opera fans in Munich. The bestowal of the honorary membership took place in the course of a talk with the artist on 15-Feb-09. Picture gallery

  • An approx. 80-minute version of the documentary was shown in Cinema München on 8-Mar-09 (with a repeat on 28-Mar). More info
  • Documentary: The German firm "sounding images" has made a documentary on Edita Gruberova.
    More info on the film, and a "trailer": in English in German.
    (On the above pages you can find a link to a "trailer" i.e. a few minutes' preview of the film.)
    The documentary has won the Audience Award at the 45th International Television Festival "Golden Prague" (18-Jun-08)
    Brochure of the documentary

  • The German opera magazine "Opernglas" has published an article on the occasion of the 14-April-08 concert in Munich, where the Munich audience celebrated the artist's 40-year stage anniversary. Excerpt:
    Königin des Belcanto
    "Edita Gruberova feierte Mitte April in München ihr 40-j�hriges B�hnenjubiläum; und Zweifel an jedem noch so elitären Qualitätssiegel für die Königin des Belcanto wischte die in vier Jahrzehnten beständiger Bühnenkarriere zu der bedeutendsten Koloratursopranistin ihrer Zeit gereifte Künstlerin schnell beiseite. Was Gruberova im Frühherbst ihrer Karriere, der noch viel eher einem ertragreichen Spätsommer gleicht, an exemplarischer Gesangskunst, gestalterischem Ausdruck und technisch nach wie vor atemberaubender Raffinesse über die Bühne bringt, hat längst singulären Rang erreicht. Ihre Auftritte in den bedeutendsten Musentempeln, die sie stets mit Bedacht und treuer Verbundenheit zu ihren Stammhäusern auswählt, genießen Kultcharakter, werden als Offenbarung der Belcanto-Kunst gefeiert und sind doch nie zu bloßen Society-Events verkommen. Die Gruberova bietet selten Häppchenkost, nutzt ihre Popularität vorbildlich für den Dienst an zum Teil zu Unrecht vergessenen Werken einer großen Epoche der Opernkunst."
    (by J.M. Wienecke)

  • Edita Gruberova has received the "Premio Musica e Teatro" award of the Lions Club Firenze (Italy). (See the list of previous awardees here.) The award was handed over to her by the Club's President, Dr. Vincenzo Recchi, in a ceremony in the Grand Hotel Villa Medici in Firenze, on 13-May-2008. In the ceremony, the chairman of the award commission, Dr. Fabrizio Borgioli, outlined the career of Edita Gruberova and presented excerpts from her recordings on video. The event was also the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Ms. Gruberova's debut in Firenze. She has sung there in the following operas: Ariadne auf Naxos, Lucia di Lammermoor and Rigoletto.

  • At the curtain call after the March 1 performance of "Lucrezia", Ms. Gruberova's fans in Barcelona celebrated the artist's 40th stage anniversary and also the 30th anniversary of her Barcelona debut by throwing hundreds of "fliers" onto the stage from above. See it (and other events after the performance) on YouTube Another video of the "fliers" Yet another video with fliers and flowers, the beginning of the ovations, fliers, a funny "encore" at the end

  • Ms. Gruberova debuted in the title role of Donizetti's "Lucrezia Borgia" in the Liceu (Barcelona) on 22-Feb-2008. The opera was presented in concert form. The audience gave her a 30-minute standing ovation. See a part of the ovation (video). See the "Simply the best" sign
    • Avui (in Catalan)
    • El Correo (in Spanish)
    • (in Spanish)
    • El Periódico (in Spanish)
    • Excerpt from a review of the March 1 performance, from "Die Welt": " (...) Deren Kunst ist ja eigentlich keine emphatische, sondern eine elegische. Überwältigung und Empfindung entsteht bei ihr aus der mirakulösen Beherrschung sängerischer Mittel, besonders auch ihrer einzigartigen Kunst des Piano und des fil de voce, der kaum mehr hörbaren Töne, die sie zudem mühelos an- und abschwelle lassen kann. Solches setzt sie mit einem gewissen Manierismus als ihrem Markenzeichen ein; doch stehen solche Mittel schon seit längerem der gereiften Künstlerin auch als dramatische Akzentuierungen einer Rolle zur Verfügung. Nicht zuletzt bei Bellinis "Norma", mit der sie inzwischen erfolgreich den Ausdrucksgipfel ihres Fachs erklommen hat. "Und dabei ist die doch fast nur Mittellage", beschwichtig sie sich selbst. Gerade die ist bei Koloratursopranistinnen oft nicht sehr ausgeprägt.
      Die 61-jährige Edita Gruberova aber straft nicht nur mit Disziplin und Vokalfrische der Länge ihrer Karriere Lügen, sie war nun auch als zwischen Sohnesliebe und verletztem Stolz hin- und hergerissene Renaissance-Femme fatale unbedingt überzeugend. So veredelte sie diesen Belcanto-Reißer mit seinen innovativen Szenengefügen und seiner elegisch getragenen, nur selten knalligen Melodik mit mühelosen Nuancenreichtum und bewusst gesetzten Spitzentönen. Das hemmungslos begeisterte Publikum ließ sich besonders von der wissenden Zurückhaltung dieser souverän im Dienst der Rolle ausgestellten Kunst verzaubern. Es hagelte nicht nur 35 Minuten Applaus für die Gruberova (die damit den Liceu-Rekord von 28 Minuten brach, der ebenfalls von ihr gehalten wurde), es flatterten auch Transparente in den Rängen und es regnete bunte Zettel mit dem mehrsprachigen Aufdruck: "40 Jahre im Dienst der Oper! 30 Jahre Treue zum Liceu!". (...) " (Manuel Brug)

    Standing ovation from the 26-Feb performance (video). Other video
    Gruberova's effect on a very young fan

  • 40th stage anniversary: Ms. Gruberova made her stage debut in the role of Rosina in the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava in February 1968.
    (Also in Feb-2008: the 30th anniversary of her debut in the Liceu in Barcelona.)
    Tribute on the website of the Bavarian State Opera

  • Ms. Gruberova participated in the 90th birthday celebration of her singing teacher, Kammersängerin Ruthilde Boesch, on 12-Jan-08 in the Opera House in Vienna. She sang "Zueignung". You can read more about Ruthilde Boesch in the Jan-08 issue of Prolog (see page 19).

  • The November-07 issue of "Bühne" carries an article about Edita Gruberova, by Jürgen Kesting. Excerpt:
    "Es sind die Intensität der Phonation und die enorme Energie-Konzentration in der hohen und in der höchsten Lage, die der Stimme im Theater ihre Durchschlagkraft sichern und die Tragfähigkeit auch im Pianissimo. Die von der Atemsäule getragenen Töne "segeln" wie auf einem fliegenden Teppich selbst in die höchsten Ränge. Dass sie ihre Studio-Aufnahmen mit den in letzten fünfzehn Jahren entstandenen Mitschnitten - zu erwähnen sind weiter Bellinis Sonnambula und Rossinis Semiramide (die letzte prunkvolle Barock-Oper!) - überboten hat, liegt zum einen daran, dass die Stimme sich im Raum besser entfaltet, und harmonischer klingt, zum anderen daran, dass sie farbiger geworden ist und mehr Modulationen erlaubt. Endlich daran, dass sie sich eine geradezu phänomenale dynamische Flexibilität erarbeitet hat. Sie zeigt, dass eine Dramaturgie der Dynamik unendlich viel wirkungsvoller ist als ständiger Forte-Hochdruck. "Je lauter die anderen singen", hat sie einmal gesagt, "desto leiser werde ich." Und sie weiß, dass die verringerte Dynamik die erhöhte Aufmerksamkeit der Hörer findet, sie erzwingt. Mit der Rolle der Norma hat Edita Gruberová den Kreis ihrer einzigartigen Karriere ausgeschritten."

  • According to the website of Deutsche Grammophon, "Ariadne auf Naxos", previously available only on videotape, was released on DVD in October 2007.

  • Articles on the occasion of Ms. Gruberova's 60th birthday:
    • Links to (and excerpts from) articles in the German press  
    • Slovak article  
    • In the December/January issue of the newsletter "Stretta" of Freunde der Wiener Staatsoper, Dr. Peter Dusek writes:
      "(...) 1976 sang die damals 30-j�hrige Sopranistin aus Bratislava ihre erste Zerbinetta unter Karl B�hm. Ab diesem Zeitpunkt war sie "Die Gruberova";
      (...) Mit h�chster Selbstdisziplin und einer unvergleichlichen Technik zieht sie von Erfolg zu Erfolg, begeistert die Zuschauer, versetzt sie in Hypnose und vollbringt immer wieder das, was ein unwiderlegliches Indiz f�r ganz gro�e Opernkunst ist: Sie verwandelt die B�hne zu einem Ort der "magischen Verzauberung".
      Happy Birthday und "ad multos annos"! "

      Unofficial English translation:
      " (...) In 1976 the then 30-year-old soprano from Bratislava sang her first Zerbinetta under Karl B�hm. From then on she has been "The Gruberova".
      (...) With rigorous self-discipline and a matchless technique she goes from success to success, delights the audience, throws them into hypnosis, and accomplishes again and again what is a sure sign of the greatest operatic art: transforms the stage into a place of "magical enchantment".
      Happy Birthday and "ad multos annos"! "

    • Interview (Berliner Morgenpost)

  • The Norma film in German cinemas:
    In January 2007 the "Norma" film was shown in several German cinemas, within the framework of "Klassik im Kino".
    Edita Gruberova, Zoran Todorovich, Jürgen Rose and Sir Peter Jonas attended the film's Munich premiere on 14-Jan. Excerpt from a review:
    "An jedem ersten Sonntag im Monat wird um 10.30 Uhr eine Oper pr�sentiert. Den Auftakt machte Vincenzo Bellinis �Norma� in der Inszenierung von J�rgen Rose an der Bayerischen Staatsoper. Unangefochtener Star ist Primadonna Edita Gruberova, ihre Pr�senz ein Garant f�r ausverkaufte S�le � auch im Kino. So hat sie neben J�rgen Rose und ihrem B�hnenpartner Zoran Todorovich den Weg ins Cinema gefunden, wo die K�nstler zun�chst �ber ihre Norma-Erfahrungen plaudern. Das Publikum ist begeistert, seinen B�hnenidolen ganz nah sein zu k�nnen. Immerhin sitzen die drei mitten im Parkett. In der Pause bildet sich eine Autogramm-Schlange. Viele haben die Produktion bereits im Nationaltheater gesehen. Doch Brian Larges Opern-Verfilmung zeigt alles noch einmal in Gro�aufnahme, und auch die Klangqualit�t ist erstaunlich. Schon w�hrend der Vorf�hrung brandet Szenenapplaus auf. Abschlie�end kennen die Ovationen kein Halten mehr." (Georg Kasch in Abendzeitung)

  • After weeks of illness which had forced her to cancel performances, Ms. Gruberova sang "Lucia di Lammermoor" in the Liceu (Barcelona) on December 1, 2006, and got a 15-minute standing ovation.
    Here is a snippet from the "Lucia" (scroll down to '"Lucia di Lammermoor" amb Edita Gruberova' or download the clip directly here).

  • The 1983 Vienna State Opera telecast of Massenet's "Manon" has been issued on DVD by Deutsche Grammophon. With Francisco Araiza as Des Grieux, Ádám Fischer conducting.
    More info

  • In a poll of the Hungarian classical music e-zine Café Momus the 10-Sep-05 concert performance of "Roberto Devereux" in the Palace of Arts in Budapest has gained the most votes in the category "Musical event of the year 2005".

  • The 16-Sep-06 performance of "Roberto Devereux" in the Vienna State Opera was broadcast live to the Herbert von Karajan-Platz, which is next to the building of the opera house. Source of info: Homepage of the Vienna State Opera

  • Excerpts from a 1984 Salzburg recital, of works of Mozart, has been released on the Orfeo label (catalogue number: C 709062 I). The accompanist is Irwin Gage. The double CD also contains excerpts from recitals by other singers. More details about the CD; More details about the performance

  • A 1976 live Salzburg recording of Mozart's "Der Schauspieldirektor" has been released on the Orfeo label (catalogue number: C 705061 B). Edita Gruberova sings the role of Mme Herz, Krisztina Laki is Mademoiselle Silberklang, Thomas Moser is Monsieur Vogelsang, Leopold Hager conducts. More details about the performance
    (The CD also contains "Bastien & Bastienne" featuring Ileana Cotrubas.)

  • An earlier recording of two Bach cantatas (No.51 and No.199) has been released on SACD (Super Audio CD) on the Capriccio label (CAP71078). Edita Gruberova is accompanied by the Deutsche Bachsolisten, Helmut Winschermann (cond.). (The SACD also contains another Bach cantata sung by Siegfried Lorenz.)

  • The Munich production of Donizetti's "Roberto Devereux" has been released on DVD by Deutsche Grammophon (June 2006). Cast: Edita Gruberova (Elisabetta), Roberto Aronica (Roberto), Jeanne Piland (Sara), Albert Schagidullin (Nottingham); conducted by Friedrich Haider.

  • Rigoletto has been re-relesed on DVD by Deutsche Grammophon

  • The March 2006 issue of the Austrian magazine "Bühne" has a Gruberova interview, on the occasion of "I Puritani" in Vienna.

  • New Lieder CD titled "From Heart to Heart":
    A Lieder CD has been issued on Nightingale Classics, for the benefit of the Cleft-Children International foundation.
    The CD contains Lieder and duets by Dvorák, Schumann and Brahms, performed by Edita Gruberova, Argentinean baritone Iván Paley and Friedrich Haider (piano).

  • Norma has been recorded for TV/DVD in Munich. The recording was telecast on Bayerisches Fernsehen on 3-Sep-2006. More info
    It has been issued on DVD by Deutsche Grammophon (January 2007). Details

  • The "Cosi fan tutte" video has been released on DVD by Deutsche Grammophon.

  • Ms. Gruberova's stage debut in the role of Norma was on 21-Jan-2006 in Munich. Click here for further info.

  • The January 2006 "Opernglas" has an exclusive Gruberova interview with pictures. You can read the text here and see the cover online.

  • Edita Gruberova sang her 200th Zerbinetta in Vienna on 1-Dec-2005.
    "Manchmal wird man als Kritiker der Musik zu einem solchen der Medizin und fragt sich, sehr laienhaft natürlich, wie es möglich ist, dass eine Sängerin 200 Mal die extrem hohe und anspruchsvolle Partie der Zerbinetta in Richard Strauss` "Ariadne auf Naxos" gibt, ohne dass die Stimme Schaden erleidet. Bei wem das anatomische Phänomen zu beobachten ist? Nur bei Edita Gruberova." (G. Korentschnig in Kurier)
    She sang her first Zerbinetta in 1973 in Vienna, and the new Vienna production of 1976 made her a star. She still sings the role in the same staging in Vienna.
    Reviews of the recent run are linked to the Performance reviews page.

  • According to the website of the Vienna State Opera, the 5-Nov-2005 gala has been released on CD & DVD.

  • Deutsche Grammophon has re-released the "Hänsel und Gretel" video on DVD.

  • Ms. Gruberova has won the "Echo Klassik 2005" Award of the German record critics in the category of 19th-century operas, for her recording of Rossini's "Il Barbiere di Siviglia" (on the >Nightingale Classics label). Details (in German)

  • Niel Rishoi's biography of Edita Gruberova has been issued in Slovak as well. Publisher: Slovart. ISBN: 80-8085-041-0. Related article (in Slovak)

  • Deutsche Grammophon has issued the live Munich "Zauberflöte" on DVD. Previously it was issued only on VHS, and on DVD only in Japan.

  • There has been a photo exhibition titled "Queens of coloratura" in Zvolen Castle, Slovakia, with photos of Lucia Popp and Edita Gruberova. The opening was on 30-Jun-2005. More info

  • TDK has released the 1982 Salzburg recording of "Die Zauberflöte" on DVD. Details

  • Ms. Gruberova was "Artist in Residence" in the Dortmund Konzerthaus in the 2005/06 season.

  • In a recently published book about the Russian soprano Anna Netrebko (Gregor Dolak: "Anna Netrebko - Opernstar der neuen Generation"), statements were made about Ms. Gruberova's alleged conflict with Ms. Netrebko. Those statements are completely false. The book was not authorized by Ms. Netrebko, who has explicitly said in an interview (in "Welt am Sonntag") that the statements about the conflict are false. You can read Netrebko's interview here.

  • The Fan Page has been mentioned in an article written on the occasion of the "Beatrice di Tenda" performances in Hamburg, in "Hamburger Abendblatt".

  • The Norma CD has been issued by Nightingale Classics.

  • Honorary doctorate: Ms. Gruberova has received the degree "Doctor honoris causa" from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava. The ceremony was on 16-Feb-2005 in the Pálffy Palace in Bratislava. Photos

  • Austrian award: Ms. Gruberova has been awarded the "Großes Ehrenzeichen für die Verdienste um die Republik Österreich". The award was handed to her on 3-Feb-2005 by Dr. Heinz Fischer, the President of the Republic. Picture

  • Interviews: Ms. Gruberova has given an interview to "Kronen Zeitung" in which she reveals that she plans to sing "Lucrezia Borgia" in Munich and Barcelona. In the same interview she mentions that she will sing in "Ariadne auf Naxos", "Roberto Devereux" and "I Puritani" in Vienna. "Roberto Devereux" is also planned for Japan (Vienna Staatsoper tour in 2008). The interview was printed in the 6-Jan-2005 issue of the newspaper.
    Another interview (Kurier, 13-Jan-2005) reveals that she will sing Zerbinetta the 200th time (in the Richard Strauss opera "Ariadne auf Naxos") in November in Vienna.

  • News from Vienna: Ms. Gruberova participated in the New Year's Eve performance of "Fledermaus" (as Orlovsky's special guest) and sang Alabieff's "Nachtigall". (Jan-2005)

  • "I Puritani" on DVD: The 2001 Barcelona performance of Bellini's "I Puritani", with Gruberova as Elvira, has been released by TDK. More info

  • Open letter and
    interview about the planned disbanding of the Münchner Rundfunkorchester
    (in German)

  • Fledermaus on DVD: The 1980 Vienna telecast of "Die Fledermaus", with Gruberova as Adele, has been released by TDK. More info

  • The recent Japan tour:
    Article (in German) with picture (Donna Anna)
    Other article (in German)
    Excerpt from another article (in German)

    New CDs:

  • Nightingale Classics has released "Il Barbiere di Siviglia".
  • The Orfeo CD label has issued a 1980 Salzburg recital of Schubert, Mendelssohn and R. Strauss songs, with accompanists Erik Werba (piano) and Peter Schmidl (clarinet). See the Discography for details of the CD.
  • The Orfeo CD label has issued a 1982 Salzburg broadcast of "Ariadne auf Naxos" (with Tomowa-Sintow as Ariadne). See details in the Discography.
    Note: If you search for this CD in an online shop, please be aware that Tomowa-Sintow's name has been abbreviated to "Tomowa-S." in the catalogs.

  • Edita Gruberova has won the 2004 "Merkur Theaterpreis", for her portrayal of Elisabetta in Donizetti's "Roberto Devereux".
    The other winners of this year's prize are actress Sunnyi Melles and cabaret artist Bruno Jonas.
    This award has been established by the Munich newspaper "Münchner Merkur" and it is given to artists who get the most votes from readers.
    Interview on the occasion (in German)

  • There is a long interview with Edita Gruberova in the 2004 yearbook of the Bavarian State Opera. The title of the book is "Oper Aktuell". The interviewer is Kevin Clarke.
    More details and ordering info at the publisher's website
    The book can also be ordered online from the webshop of the Bavarian State Opera.

  • Edita Gruberova celebrated her 200th performance of "Lucia di Lammermoor" in Berlin in May 2004. Interview on the occasion (attention: plans for new roles are also revealed!) (in German)
    You can see pictures on the website of Deutsche Oper Berlin
    News article on a French opera site

  • Edita Gruberova gave her European debut in the role of Norma in Baden-Baden on 24-Apr-2004, in a concert performance. Reviews (in German):
    • Opernglas
    • Opernwelt
    • Online Musik Magazin
    • DPA (the same article is also available here)
    • Die Welt
    • Pforzheimer Zeitung
    • Excerpt from the review in Badische Zeitung (the full article is available in the printed version or online to subscribers):
      "(...) alles gelingt - es ist phänomenal. Nach wie vor bezwingt das unerhörte Leuchten, in das dieses unverkennbare Timbre die von Verdi so bewunderten "langen, langen Melodien" taucht, ist es der Hauch von einem dennoch klingenden Pianissimo, der einen zweimal hinhören lässt, ob's denn auch wirklich wahr ist.
      Nach wie vor auch dieses unnachahmliche Ineinandergleiten der Töne und Phrasen, ihr traumhaft beherrschtes An- und Abschwellen, dieses unendliche Legato, das eigentlich ein immer währendes Glissando auf und ab darstellt, diese aufregenden Verzierungsabenteuer auf engstem Raum und auch bei angezogenen Tempi. Und immer noch: keine Angestrengtheit, keine Schärfen. Gewiss ist das die lyrischste Norma-Ausgabe, die denkbar ist. Anders gewendet: eine - allerdings raumgreifende - Lyrikerin, die die Aura des Dramatischen eher per Stimmhaltung suggeriert, als dass sie auf groen Ton setzte.
    • Related interview in "Der Neue Merker"

  • The new "Roberto Devereux" production in Munich:

  • Barcelona prize: Edita Gruberova and Adrianne Pieczonka have jointly won the critics' prize for best female opera singer of the 2002/3 season, for their performance in "Ariadne auf Naxos" in the Liceu. More info (in Catalan).

  • Edita Gruberova has recently received the President's Cross in Slovakia. More info & picture.

  • A Gruberova exhibition can be viewed until 31-Oct-03 in the building of the Slovak Philharmonic in Bratislava. Related article / interview

  • On the occasion of the new "Lucia di Lammermoor" CD, there have been interviews published in the (free) magazines "Rondo Magazin" (03/2002) and "KlassikAkzente" (02/2002). Unfortunately the interviews are not available at the magazines' websites.

  • The Orfeo CD label has issued a Henze CD (C 609 031 B), with Edita Gruberova performing "Cantata della fiaba estrema". The recording was made at the Salzburg Festival in 1975. On the CD it is paired with "Novae de infinto laudes" (1972, with Edda Moser and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau). You can view the CD cover at this site.
    The "Beatrice di Tenda" DVD has also been issued.

  • On 25-Jun-2003 Vienna celebrated Edita Gruberova's 25th anniversary in the role of Lucia in the Staatsoper. To honor the occasion, the Staatsoper has mounted an exhibition in its Gustav Mahler-Saal. Related articles (in German, except where noted):

  • In the Coloratura discussion group, a poll has been conducted over which sopranos should be chosen for the "Three Sopranos" (soprano equivalent of the "Three Tenors"). Edita Gruberova got the most votes. See detailed results.

  • The new recording of "Lucia di Lammermoor" has been issued by Nightingale Classics. Details. The CD was recorded in 2002. The release of this recording marks the 25th anniversary of Gruberova's Vienna debut in this role.

  • On 21-Apr-2003 Edita Gruberova made her debut in the title role of Bellini's "Norma" in Tokyo, at a concert, with great success.

  • Edita Gruberova debuted in February 1968 as Rosina in Rossini's "Il barbiere di Siviglia". Her 35-year anniversary in this role was celebrated at the performance of 1-Feb-2003 in Munich.
    An account of the "Barbiere" performance of Jan. 23 (which included a sustained high F) (from the Coloratura discussion list)

  • The 1996 Zurich performance of "Linda di Chamounix" (with Deon van der Walt, Armando Ariostini, László Polgár; Ádám Fischer conducting) has been issued on DVD. You can order the DVD in some online shops, like,,

  • Nightingale Classics has issued a CD titled "Siente Me - Popular Avenues" which includes two new "crossover" songs.

  • (Attention: see 2012 update below!)
    Ms. Gruberova cancelled her 2003 "Maria Stuarda" performances in Zurich. Here is her official statement about the cancellation (26-Nov-02):
    Frau Gruberova hat ihre Mitwirkung an der Produktion von Donizettis "Maria Stuarda" sowie alle künftigen Projekte am Opernhaus Zürich unwiderruflich abgesagt. Ihre Tochter, die ebendort im Engagement gestanden hatte, erlitt während einer Vorstellung einen Unfall, der auf mangelnde Sicherheitsvorkehrungen seitens des Vertragsgebers zurückzuführen ist. Da dies eine fahrlässige Körperverletzung darstellt, sieht Frau Gruberova sich nicht in der Lage, unter dem bestehenden Führungsteam weitere Auftritte als Sängerin zu absolvieren.  

    Unofficial English translation:
    Ms. Gruberova has irrevocably cancelled her participation in the production of Donizetti's Maria Stuarda, as well as all future projects at the Zurich Opera House. Her daughter, who was professionally engaged at that very same place, suffered an accident during a performance, which can be attributed to the inadequate safety precautions of the contractors. As this physical injury was caused by negligence, Ms. Gruberova cannot see her way to complete further appearances as a singer under the present management.
    The "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" about the cancellation
    Further (official) statement from Ms. Gruberova (5-Dec-02):
    Beim Unfall meiner Tochter im März 2001 am Opernhaus Zürich handelt es sich um einen Sturz in 2-3 Meter Tiefe auf Beton, aus einer fahrenden und ungesicherten(!) Bodenversenkung. Die Folge waren Verletzungen verschiedenster Art und ein schwerer Schock, den meine Tochter mit fortgesetzter Arbeit als Choreographin zu überwinden versuchte. Da Ausmaß und Folge dieser Katastrophe zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nicht abzusehen war, habe auch ich aus Pflichtbewußtsein noch zwei weitere Produktionen absolviert. Im September 2001 verschlechterte sich der Zustand meiner Tochter derart, daß sie sich gezwungen sah, jegliche Arbeit niederzulegen. Sie leidet heute an Spätfolgen (Unfalltrauma und starke körperliche Schmerzen), ist zu 100% arbeitsunfähig und auf 46 kg abgemagert! Für mich als MUTTER ist dies ein wohl jedermann verständiger Grund, endlich(!) die Konsequenz zu ziehen, und auf weitere Tätigkeiten am Opernhaus Zürich zu verzichten. Es sei erwähnt, daß eine Kollegin noch heute an den Spätfolgen eines Feuerunfalls zu leiden hat und auch ich selbst vor nicht allzu langer Zeit beinahe Unfallopfer auf Grund eines mangelhaft gesicherten Stufengeländers geworden wäre!
    Edita Gruberova

    Unofficial English translation:
    My daughter's accident in March 2001 at the Zurich Opera concerned a fall of about 2-3 metres onto concrete, from a stage trap door left open and unsecured. Various injuries and severe shock resulted, which my daughter strove to overcome by continuing to work as a choreographer. The extent and consequences of this catastrophic accident could not be seen at this time, and being conscious of my duty I even completed two additional productions. In September 2001 the condition of my daughter deteriorated to such an extent, that she was forced to stop all work. At present she is suffering from the delayed effects of the traumatic accident and physical injuries. She is absolutely (100%) unfit for work and has lost considerable weight, being presently down to only 46 kg. For myself as a mother, this is a completely reasonable ground, that perhaps everyone can understand, to finally (!) to decide to cut one's losses, and renounce further participation with the Zurich Opera. It should be mentioned, that a colleague of mine is still presently suffering from the delayed consequences of an accident involving fire (at the Zurich Opera), and I myself, was all too recently almost the victim of an accident, which would have been due to an inadequately secured banister on a stair case.  
    Update, 11-May-2012: A reconciliation happened today, as Ms. Gruberova sang a gala recital to great acclaim in the Zurich Opera (replacing at short notice the tenor Jonas Kaufmann). In the 2012/3 season, Ms. Gruberova will have several performances in the Zurich Opera.

  • There has been an interesting thread on the Coloratura discussion forum concerning the problems of recording Gruberova's voice.

  • On 4-Oct-2002 Ms. Gruberova participated in a benefit gala (to help flood victims) in the Hamburg State Opera.

  • For the benefit of the flood victims in Austria, Ms. Gruberova has auctioned off a concert gown of hers online. Details (in German) at

  • The September 2002 issue of Opernwelt has a 4-page Gruberova interview.

  • The "Semiramide" CD has been included in the latest quarterly list of the Prize of the German Record Critics. More info.

  • There is a new, Italian edition of the 1987 La Scala Don Giovanni on DVD, and the price is only 9.99 euro (plus postage). More info at Note: they allegedly cannot sell the DVD outside Italy.
    The webpage doesn't list the singers, but the video is really of the Gruberova-Allen-Murray-Desderi performance, which has already been issued on DVD at a much higher price.
    (If you read Italian: there was a review of this DVD in the newsgroup it.arti.musica.classica.mod. You can look it up in the archive of .)

  • One of the songs from the Edita Gruberova / Toni Stricker CD "Dialog" has been used by Maximilian Schell in his new film. More info (in German)

  • The Zurich production of Beatrice di Tenda has been recorded for video and released commercially on DVD.

  • A book under the title "Wiener Staatsoper - Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen" has been issued, with Gruberova's foreword and her photo (as Elisabetta in "Roberto Devereux") on the cover. More info.

  • The 2001 yearbook of the Vienna State Opera (issued by the Freunde der Wiener Staatsoper) contains a Gruberova interview and several pictures. More info.

  • French fan Yann Manchon has established forumGRUBEROVA, an Internet discussion group about the art of Edita Gruberova. The forum is moderated, and the archive is available only to members. The main language is French, but you can post in any language.
    Info about the group in French, English and German:
    You can subscribe by sending an e-mail to To unsubscribe, send mail to
    Members can also access the archives through the English-language interface of Yahoo at
    The forum exists independently of this Fan Page.

  • Gruberova's biography in the programme booklet of the Zurich "Beatrice di Tenda" production mentions that she will sing "Norma" in a concert performance, in the Vienna State Opera in 2005.

  • A compilation CD has been issued with excertps from live performances of the Graz Opera. It contains two excerpts from Gruberova's 1975 "Lucia di Lammermoor": the Sextet and the first half of the Mad Scene. The title of the CD is "Sternstunden des Belcanto".

  • Ms. Gruberova supports the choir school of the Wiener Sängerknaben. Not only boys but also girls will be admitted to this school. Related articles:

  • Sir Peter Jonas, the intendant of the Bavarian State Opera, has announced that Ms. Gruberova is scheduled to sing Norma there in 2006 (in a staged version).

  • A French book titled "Divas", by Agnès Gerhards, has been issued. It is about (operatic) divas, Gruberova among them. More info.

  • This website has been mentioned in the November 2000 issue of the American opera magazine "Opera News".
    (Click on the above link to see the full article about singers' websites.)

  • On 4-Sep-2000 in Zurich and on 15-Sep-2000 in Basel, Gruberova gave benefit concerts for SOS Children's Villages (a charity organization for children).

  • An excerpt from the Munich radio broadcast of I Puritani can be found at (please scroll down in that page to "I Puritani").

  • Gruberova has been given the prestigious Bavarian award "Maximiliansorden".More info

  • Gruberova celebrated her 30th Staatsoper anniversary on Feb. 5. 2000, in the Wiener Staatsoper (she sang Elvira in I Puritani).
    Related newspaper articles:

  • A book titled "Divas... In Their Own Words" has been published. Gruberova is one of the interviewed singers. More info.

  • Gruberova won the prestigious Italian Bellini d'oro award in 1999. She was given the award at a gala performance. See pictures of the event.

  • Gruberova has won the "Echo-Schallplattenpreis", the classical music award of the Deutsche Phono-Akademie. The award was presented to her in a gala in Weimar on 17-Oct-99.

  • The Japanese version of the biography written by Niel Rishoi has been issued (March 1999). ISBN: 4-276-21775-X. Publisher: Ongaku-no Tomosha.

  • Classical Singer Magazine (a U.S. publication) has conducted a "most communicative contemporary singer" poll on the Internet. Gruberova got the 2nd place (behind José Carreras).

  • Excerpts from Gruberova's Donizetti opera recordings have been included in a CD compilation of operatic prayers, issued by a church. More info

  • "Singers in roles" poll in Japan:
    The Japanese quarterly opera magazine "Grand Opera" recently asked 16 famous Japanese music critics to vote which singers are/were the best in certain roles.
    Gruberova's Queen of the Night got 11 votes (while all other performers got 1 vote each).

  • Gruberova celebrated her 30th stage anniversary (18-Feb-98), with the same role (Rosina) in which she had made her stage debut.

  • The live Don Giovanni video in which Gruberova is Donna Anna, is one of the first opera videos released on DVD (Digital Video Disc).

  • Edita Gruberova has been nominated "Female Singer of the Year" by 53 critics in a poll organised by the OpernWelt magazine (1997).

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